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I walked to the mall today as part of my recovery I need to get my aerobic activity up- so I sing as a walk. Freaking hard when you jump from belting (Aida and Wicked) to legit (The Lowest Trees Have Tops and Think of Me). And I was thinking how sad it was I still hadn’t finished my Think of me Gown (I brought parts indoors to hand sew at night but it proved too much) and how really all that was stopping me was enthusiasm and good ropes in the skirt.
The Aussie ropes I believe are made the same way as the US but do not have the fabric painted ends. They also have red, green and black ropes- the black divides the red and green and so they don’t perfectly follow the bodice panels- not over time with wearing by different casts now anyway!) And I was simply unable to find a suitable green velvet anywhere. Nor red for that matter. The red and green in my bodice are particularldeep shades and I was only finding mid greens and warm reds.
Until today. Found a perfect berry red and decided what the heck I can always overdye (idey-Poly ftw) the green to match. But no. On the other side of the shop was the matching dark green. Slightly more vibrant than expected but a nice dark colour.

So 3m of each (sadly it’s not quite long enough to get two ropes per width) but it curls beautifully. ANd was only $NZ8/m. So I iwll have a heap left over to do.. somehting eith. Maybe I’ll cut the length first so I can offer the rest to anyone who wants to join in on the gaudy silly fun! I don’t even care if the bodices aren’t accurate and are made from existing patterns. I want a bevy of Hannibal ballerinas!

Anyway. So while the cutting will be monotonous I am going to try and do them all at once and then go mad making them in to tubes! So I may see what I can do about dividing work space in to splashy splashy latex and resin and paint and a totally separate area as delicate princess in GOLD and GREEN and RED

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