Elsa textures!

Also a good guide to how very flared her gown is! Official source too 🙂 You can download the free, official papercraft doll of Elsa here:


Elsa Papercraft

But this is why my gown really works so well. I zoomed the PDF to grab this little corner:


What you are seeing is a fabric with vertical chunky striations- light reflecting back to different degrees- AND an overlay of tulle! You can see it right in the middle.

If you are viewing this post on my site my background image is a close up of my fabric layers showing how micro-sequins sewn in vertical lines give the same effect as well as the tulle overlay which cuts the shin down towards the hem of the skirt! This is a bit like the effect seen here- when the light bounces back directlyy (like on the hips or outer folds of the skirt) you can’t see the tulle, but where the light doesn’t shine back directly the tulle is visible and the background appears darker.


This is a classic theatrical technique. It not only controls how sequins sparkle but protects them from scratching and being pulled out.

Also note how the paper skirt is a cone but the texture pattern clearly also shows folds in the hem. This is absolutely true to her film gown (just watched the transformation scene on blu-ray while making this post 🙂


So I love this gown for all those reasons. Clever patterning based on pre-modern shapes, use of layering textures to hide what they really are because that’s what you do for high end couture and theatrical costumes 🙂 Basically what we do in the real world to make magic 🙂

elsa cape dye success!


by admin, January 30, 2015


Confession, the old colour looked way too deep in shadow so I removed the colour. But the fabric went a blotchy silver with a few blue patches. So to the shame pile it went.
I finally used a tiny tiny tiny amount of turquoise iDye poly on the dress (to brighten the hem mainly) and that went well so I topped up with enough blue to dye the cape and basically use the turquoise and green (released from the hem) to knock the purple out of the dye.
Voila! The wind also kicked up beautifully.
Just never ask me to iron crystalline tulle ever again. Ever.

elsa :)


by admin, January 5, 2015

Cape will be replaced, the shirt screen printed (sequins rat up the plait!!!!) And I am kicking myself I didn’t put horsehair braid along the top edge like I wanted. The colours are fairly true though 🙂 My dress is baby blue in one direction, turquoise in another and the cape is a very true turquoise. Definitely using my experience with the

I’ll also definitely need to put in an elastic stay at the waist- the bodice slips down due to several factors- none of which I want to alter too much.

But so many children just randomly made happy, or shy, or both!



by admin, January 2, 2015


Off centre but this was the first pass. Tomorrow is when I hope to sew like the wind 🙂

I’ve been distracting meself as I am worried about it all. So I’ll pin the zip in so tomorrow can be all machine and a little handsewing.

elsa- the basic dress is nearly there :)


by admin, January 1, 2015

The dress as of a few hours ago after a ridiculous “tidy”. Wherein I actually start splashing latex and realising I can’t sew pretty stuff with magenta latex uncured around the place….P

Possible the most true to life ombre effect.

The cape print is slightly off and so too was the cutting- but it needed trimming to size anyway, just sad to lose that lovely leading edge (closest to my toes (hello little crooked toes- this is why I never did pointe! Check out the difference in toe sizes!)

And then I painted the new hem 🙂

Whoops! That’ll need waterblasting…




by admin, December 31, 2014

I managed to start working with latex again for others but I’ve had a Bellini so now it’s my own work 🙂
Starting with…. Bodysuit snaps!

This will be interesting….