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Coveralls, finally

Coveralls, finally

So yes, it’s been an interesting few days since I decided absolutely no resin or messy work until I have new coveralls. So do you think any of the automotive or hardware stores have them? No. Don’t be silly. You only need dust or paint (spray, not brush on) protection. I had to spell it out that I am talking about real fibreglassing with resin and glass and all that too.

So finally at the local family owned mini one stop shop yes, there were my favourite super light super cheap coveralls. Only two but they are both mine.

And so are a few more bits to make feathers. Just need to check what glue I can use. But it should work well 🙂 And I can also test some more supplies. 🙂

Also a big box arrived from Queenstown 🙂 So operation make a slightly more comfy but not really Star Wars costume has begun. After 12 years. Zam! XD I will probably be just using the greeblies as a guide to side because I think this is a case where my sculpting is a little more precise. But having them on hand means I can actually use them as a guide 🙂

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