today I scan

Having now made my “plates” for printing I’m going to be able to scan them and get them tidied for printing. It’s super exciting. I will be able to publish these as they are for people who already can read pattern blocks but then I’ll have a whole lot of handy images to add in stages to help those who do not.

I’m also going to have a list of stitches with their uses and why they are used. I’m going to go through those stitching plates and also see if I can get left handed people to test mirror images or alternative ways to hold items.

I know in the past left handed people have been shamed out of using their leading hand (if you are still, I am so sorry- I know a lot of common tools are defaulted to right handed people.) That is not an element of the past I want to receate!

But before that scanning!


Pattern plates

They are done! The scanner is unplugged so the caster can use the plug so I’ll start scanning as soon as I am ready.

I just went for my daily walk so am stretching while I decide on the order these will be printed.

Six skirt patterns, four bodices, several sleeves from a simple block. Only haven’t managed to work in my Anna Meyer block which is sleeve with no shoulder strap. But I can get that.

more progress

Yesterday I got my skirt templates drawn on nice card stock. this makes it easier to hand, and I’m able to use a compass to do curves 🙂

Today I managed to scale up all my bodices currently made so I can see the over all picture of what I have done. I knew I basically built everything from the patterning developed for my kampfrau so it was interesting to see how true this was. Only my open front dresses seem to deviate from this.

I need to get a pattern from my new Cleves dresses too. So will try and do that today as well. It’s interesting construction wise in the absolute simplicity.

Bodysuit pattern stock done!

I have made the legs a little bigger than the pattern as draped but I have added all the balance…

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