rest time

much as I’m happy to be getting to the end of the makeover of my pattern book, it’s taking a toll on my hands. The backs of my hands as well as under.

The tops of my hands feel over stretched while underneath feels cramped and swollen- only weird because the angle of my hand on the mouse is backwards not forwards.

I just need to now capture images of the different elements. Actually it’s fairly involved with lots of clicking so it will have to be tomorrow. I can’t really type right now.

working on my pattern book again

I took a very long break for many reasons. No need to discuss them now, but yesterday was a day of trying to create a new monogram that is appropriate. I wound up with a few nice options, two of which are in line with the monograms I have seen- based on block letters, one though is absolutely me. It looks good with the figures, I’m just not sure how well it works with the patterns.

Outlined figure holding a hand up towards her face, clothed in the style of 16th Century Cologne. Three variations of a monogram to the left.

The top signature is actually great in terms of flow and using supports of one letter for the other. But it is curly. The middle uses all my initials and even makes the small d of “de” between the M and B.

The last flips the B around so that it fits as a rectangle.

I may see if I can use the first as a basis for a more block letter effect.

Oh I have it! Right.. time to try again. But the curly letters are going to be used somewhere.

I have a book

The bulk of my patterns and line art is done.

I want to expand clothing items and also add in directions but I really do need to get all that created offline first.

I spent a little time making new images of the kinds of clothing the book can make.

I will debut it this weekend and share as soon as I get home. I will want a bit of a break 🙂

style examples for my book

I went and made some hats and hairstyles and lot track of time.

Swiss and Saxon

Nuremberg and North Rhine


my pattern book is so close

I got a little ambitious and so have made sure all the sleeves work for all the bodice types. Well the scoop neck is slightly difficult as it is so close the low neck. It’s just that little bit difficult. to justify right now.

But oh, how much do I adore it all! And it will make for a great online doll game.

My hand has though really not coped. Well from elbow to finger as the deformity in my wrist means the top ends of the radius and ulnar are under different stress.

Okay. I will make myself have a rest and come back to it. I have other inflammation going on that is feeding into it.

I just need to create a pattern for a skirt with a fuller back than front and then this Austrian style bodice. And then just drag and drop into the book and save. The book be in several folios to make it actually possible to publish immediately and add the details later.

But feedback from my doodles for this section has been positive so it’s absolutely worth the time invested in converting those to line art.

Meanwhile a little comparisson of my figure next to inspiration art.

I think I need to tweak this a bit to make the guarding separate. There is so much variety of guarding that it might just make life easier to remove all of it.

Also I need to do a section on hats and a section on undergarments. Then also for weather wear (cloaks and schauben.)

a bit behind

Currently trying to play catch up with cleaning, it’s a bit tough though as my cough turned a bit weird over night. I had a dream about chest pains and even woke myself up coughing. Today it feels like I have some conjestion and I had to use my inhaler- it’s something I use rarely.

So taking extra care today, and am trying to learn to relax when not asleep.

So yes, I have terrible sleep. And with my disease there is extra pressure to be on form. Every moment is to be used and anything less is not good enough.

So the idea of just lying down and watching TV is super difficult to think of as anything but a failure.

I think I need to do something though.

So I haven’t really been able to work on my book, except to confirm I think I have covered all the stitches already so it’s a matter of making them look nice 🙂

books and jewelry

Today was spent diving into auction sites. So exciting and exhausting finding better quality images than before. It feels a lot like the work I do to rebuild my site- retreading old ground for not much reward.

But today also a book that has finally cemented how I want to approach my own book:

Le Manuel des Marchans moult utile a trestous. Ghent: Pierre Cesar pour Victor le Dayn, 1545.

It’s a merchants hand book. And it just says so much about what was important for a merchant at the time.

Firstly it’s very nice, but also sturdy.

There are tools!!!! In the front a sundial and compass!!!! This together with the lists of locations and dates of large faires really highlights that trade was full of travel! Ditto the pages of coins- for identifying/converting local currency.

And the back! Scales for money.

There are also pages for sketching! With silverpoint.

I mean it’s so wonderful, and absolutely comparable to a modern day netbook or ipad. Or what I used to have at Uni which was like a filofax. Or even a phone case with slots for money, cards, photos and possibly a mini ruler etc.

So I am considering creating a portable sewing/cutting/pattern collecting book. A premade base with elements for individualisation.

I already planned on my plates being able to be individually coloured, but now I can look at making some portable tools to go along with it! And extra pages to record dress and patterns of dress when travelling.

It’s literally the boost needed for the weekend after feeling a little overwhelmed and a bit defeated.


While auction hunting some of those better images have also made it easier to decide on what jewels to make for my Nordrhine gear 🙂 There are at least two variations on what looks like a wheeled mount with a jewel in the middle. And lots of examples of non mounted foliage.

I also made a full list of all the plates I need to do. At 19 so far. Got at least two more bodices to capture and two skirt plates (increasing/decreasing waists and trains) and still a lot of sleeves (so happy with the spiral paned sleeves though 🙂

But I am tired and my hands are starting to hurt.

I do also need to make diagrams and figure drawing to match each. Luckily we have the Lemberg finds and many illustrated examples of a fitted chemise that it will make it easier to do all of this. A shirt tends to hide a lot.

Oh! I also need to get a few shirts transferred to this new format.

more plates

Today I tackled the gored skirt plates and a pieced sleeve.

Yesterday I took in some clothes (cut, stretch stitch, and overlocked, all needed new bobbins/rethreading.)

I made a small mistake of going on twitter. I follow a lot of science communicators and today was a day of special comments they received.

I’ve also tried to check what I can do for my hands, and currently I have fingerless gloves. it makes it harder to type, I think it’s the pressure of the cuffs. So I’m trying to use my left hand for typing and right hand only for backspace etc.

I’ll give hands a good break before going back to do the last skirt plates. Basically adding trains and turnbacks. Sleeves are kind of fun. I really want to get those twisted Austrian/Anna von Kleve types 🙂

And I’ll definitely have to get the assembly plates sorted as well this week.

I’m also trying to remake my red velveteen Cologne gown 🙂 And really want to make the extreme wingnut shape headdress 🙂

Finally, I washed and tinted my hair again. Just need to tidy the hairline a bit.

today I scan

Having now made my “plates” for printing I’m going to be able to scan them and get them tidied for printing. It’s super exciting. I will be able to publish these as they are for people who already can read pattern blocks but then I’ll have a whole lot of handy images to add in stages to help those who do not.

I’m also going to have a list of stitches with their uses and why they are used. I’m going to go through those stitching plates and also see if I can get left handed people to test mirror images or alternative ways to hold items.

I know in the past left handed people have been shamed out of using their leading hand (if you are still, I am so sorry- I know a lot of common tools are defaulted to right handed people.) That is not an element of the past I want to receate!

But before that scanning!


Pattern plates

They are done! The scanner is unplugged so the caster can use the plug so I’ll start scanning as soon as I am ready.

I just went for my daily walk so am stretching while I decide on the order these will be printed.

Six skirt patterns, four bodices, several sleeves from a simple block. Only haven’t managed to work in my Anna Meyer block which is sleeve with no shoulder strap. But I can get that.