Stalled progress

My Ahsoka lekku did not cure as well as needed. So I’m going to see if I can tidy the belt template and start tooling leather.

It took all day

But I am nearly back to where I was. I decided that I was too annoyed by the short back lekku to be happy. Side track to making a new stand for sculpting and I now have wiggly lekku- one attached two on the floor.


And so much mess.


So much.


But the back lekku has a layer of latex, there is latex grouting on the new montral seams (actually an older cast that was still in pieces) and I also templated a headband for her.

time to latex

I had a good start yesterday. Having experiemtned with many tools now I will be able to do a poper tutorial on making best use of latex under different circumstances.

I’ve used filler, paints, brushes of all kinds, and now it’s finally paying off. My lekku are looking good and my montral can be trimmed down today 🙂 I tried to get video of the trimming process but had instagram fail. so to the camera and tripod!

I can also get some photos the laying up in progress 🙂

Colouring things

So today has been a messy day. Super mucky with latex and paint and dye and colour remover…

To start with the latex:
Asari headpiece fail 🙁 The latex was a bit gel-like in the tips so it just broke apart as I pulled it out of the mold. The thinner area around the face was fine so it was a matter of needing to put the mold in the dry heat for a while.
So I have more latex in the mold in the sun right now. As well as latex on my t shirt. I must remember to put the stinky plastic coveralls on…

Dye lining semi fail: I hte fabric treatments. I know it it to make the fabric look good on the roll but that is false advertising 😉 But I seem to have some success in the end.

Dying noil: not so much fail as messy! All up the wall and under the washing machine… This is for my custom Jedi. Will probably be informal for RL but that’s fine 🙂 Going for a Naboo-esque vibe now that we have patches 😉

Liara textured fabric: not fail! Woo! Just time consuming and expensive. The test piece is doing well but I want to wait for a day to see if it is still fragile. The latex test piece looks good too so I’ll be checking to see if that can be painted and remain tough and able to be sewn and worn.
Might test the other fabric too just to see how it does 🙂 And then work out what I want to use for all the blue….