I still have the corset base but nothing else. Would still kind of love to make this version 🙂

In other words I am sorting through my harddrive. I have double ups of folders here there and everywhere.



by michaela de bruce, September 8, 2014

Adelina Patti as Marguerite! From Images of Show Business From the Theatre Museum (v 384?) ed .James Fowler, Methuen, London.
Jean-Baptiste Faure as Mephistopheles and Mario as Faust.

My “style”


A few years back there were discussions amongst us historic costuming people about what makes our work stylistically obviously us (well each of us). It turns out what was true then of me is still true and is true of all the recreations and original…

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This Hannibal costume is so me and yet not me at the same time 😉 I think that’s one of the reasons I didn’t do it for the ‘06 Auckland comp. Having done the sparkle and sing thing once I didn’t want to be seen as a one trick pony when it was actually not really in my groove zone. There were other reasons, but I do wish I’d done the Carlotta costume. Ummm.. same scene, same character but played by another character… (Christine and Carlotta both play Elissa but for some reason in the movie it doesn’t look like it at all…. darned Sisi gown…. which is another musical costume I want to do- original vs Takarazuka style, though I’m in love with their productions* )

I really would have loved to have wandered around with a plush doggie and fake crying everywhere. I still have the basics of the corset. I think I killed the pattern. And I have the orange feathers.

*Rose of Versaille and League of Galactic Heroes especially for the fantastically OTT Euro-Historic mix. Do not I repeat do not let me get ideas about that Marie Antoinette gown because a group would be insane. And it would have to be a group.


See? Really really want. Want want want want want.