I have decided on a Rococo theme for my birthday as an excuse to wear my Marie Antoinette Rocket Gown because a picnic in a pretty garden sounds perfect 🙂 So I need all the undergarments and I also need to test the pattern for the swag drapes 🙂

To do this I’m finally starting to use a stash of about 14 metres of of a shot freen and white mystery fabric. The colour it looks in warm light wis qtute silvery and in cool like quite dull aqua. It handles like cotton but feels like a bast fibre. So it may well be a mix. But it is totally perfect for a 2m wide petticoat and ruffles that I need for this frock!

So I’ll grab photos as I promised to share how I make my tubular wonder skirts (they can be used for paniers, a bell shaped rin, and even a bustle!

It’s very simple but a really good stable 🙂

These will need to be twice the size I normally make them of course..

And I also have glue to see if I can also do some more work on Ahsoka.

And then see about how to cut this lace into strips of a good size. So first, to the printer! I need a reference image or two if I’m going to work on this away from my comp 🙂


I figured I should work on projects where I already have materials for a bit 🙂 Also I do need to make a modern-ish set of stays to be able to wear the frock. And that will mean boning past the waist and controlled on the hips. So probably a gored hip with a bit of bust shaping given this is the shape of the original.


So basically this. Which is from the film 🙂 I know the plain piece on the lower back is acting more like a plackard but I’m going to make mine in two pieces, waist through control and a skirt of padded tabs to tack on. It gives me a lot of room to wear this under the Wilting Flower costume for instance and maybe even a Glinda if I decide to go that route again with my epic amount of bubble fabric.

So ideally ballet pink.

ahsoka- step forward step back!

I have to redo all the leather parts. It’s okay though I have heavier grade russet and found the line art I did so phew! I just am not totally sure how easy this thickness will be to form but it’s kind of my only option atm!

The montral working though is huge. The shape of the molds mean I can’t in fact get inside the molds to brush or spray so I have to cast each half and then trim, then join. But now that I have a good stash of blades and know the limits of the latex and timing I will be able to at least make a test cast building on the technique.

The tunic and sleeves have taken colour, not quite enough and slightly uneven thanks to the dye settling in the bottle but hey. I should be able to wash properly. Just need to overlock some loose ends.