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Printing woes

Well after the excitement of getting the printer to be aligned properly I am now in the situation of trying to make sure my prints adhere to the plate. The best point for adhesion is the middle of the plate, and my experience was that curling happened on part of the file that was printed first, it may be that point of the plate or it may be that it cooled too fast between whatever the slicing chose. So I took each component and made them a separate file:

Okay so a couple of couple of doubles that should be able to print without interfering with the print head (one file is missing from this screenshot)

So that was open in SKU, copy, open new, paste- move to origins, save as.

And then I exported them all:

That was open in SKU, export with plugin, type filename, click window ticky box, close window.

And then exported as gcode:

This was opened in Cura, click export to removable drive. So the fastest of the steps!

Much of 3D printing is this process. I think my horns will be easier as they are organic and I’m much less worried about fractions of millimeters shifting. But it will be a big project!

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