Doing, maybe.

I have started and discarded so many posts because life has been hard. Not as hard as for many, but it’s been hard to find the focus and peace I need to work on projects. That peace might be to just be free of external sounds even if I’m playing music.

But I have genuinely finally managed to get the majority of my research and developed patterns sorted. It’s is an entire 500G drive not counting many other forms of research.

It’s proving hard to turn that into making though. But I have taken a totally new approach to my Elsa gown that should allow me the very delicate fade into illusion but be durable to pull on under stressful situations.

And I also realised what I need to be able to make my hoops for my Bubble gown and Marie Antoinette as they are the same shape. I need the ability to drill through the steels so might find out if that’s doable or needs rather more safety and power than I have.

I also think my cunning plan for my bubble gown is good. I’ve finally decided on getting the lightness of my idea, which requires some care and a heck of a lot of netting.

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