This is what I called myself due to not sticking to any costume or art genre. Today? I was infused with chimeric monoclonal antibodies at my local hospital. I’ve had them for years, but it’s still something I have to prepare for emotionally.

All of us in day stay are there because we need to be. And all the support we have in in light of this. The atmosphere is not at all what fiction tells us. I can honestly say this very high risk high cost (to all of us) to benefit ward is community oriented.

I think that’s why I want both of my i-Chimaera gowns made and made well. I want to use them as a way to give justice and respect to every single person, whether I meet them or not. To give hope maybe? I know how hard it is to ask for care when you need it. I want to say please ask. And to offer shortcuts through jargon. Or to at least say easy read information is freely available- please ask for it.

My first few hours were hard. This was my own emotional and fatigue state. I was able to sort my art, I couldn’t create.

But my regular nurse M.R. was interested in my art and so lovely that my instinct to hide from my own work slowly abated and ideas formed in the background.

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