So excited

Yesterday I was able to have my second pulse of Rituximab- it’s getting really difficult finding a vein that has a nice clear 3-4cm straight- and wrote a lot while I was in hospital. A. Lot. A lot a lot.

All about clothing of Cleves.

I had also sorted my pattern book patterns, with my personal ones, to work out the order of my book, and I’m so much happier with how to go about that.

So today I got the rest of my mini patterns in one folder- all garments I have made, some patterns finalised, some rough as heck- and another folder of all my reasearch notes for costumes- including more rough sketch patterns- and finally my pattern book into another folder.

It’s a lot of work but it makes sense now.

My velveteen for my next pink Cleves gown arrived, as did the block of beeswax (yay! I can clean my bee shaped beeswax and keep it as it’s so pretty) and have already repaired our doorstop- a rhino made from heavy corduroy.


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