So exited I forgot to say why

I can focus on my Cleves frocks as well as research. One of the patterns I am working on is how best to use my Sator Cranach fabric for my Anne of Cleves dress (the Bruyn portrait.) It’s really wide fabric, and I think I can get the three rows of skirt banding cut from a specific section, but I really need to figure out the direction of the weave specific to the portrait.

It’s somewhat easy to find a lot of painting by Cranach to find the prefered direction- very easy. But Bruyn? Much more difficult. Given the painting was missing for about 70 years that’s understandable.

It’s just very difficult to figure out the direction for vertical guards. The hem, fine, but the skirt opening? I’m not sure.

It seems very wasteful to stick to vertical to vertical and horizontal to horizontal. I do at least have the Mary of Hungary dress with the clear direction of the brocade. Only around the neckline, but it does support my theory.

I’m using other extant garments for these, so I need to get all that documentation sorted too. There are some nifty linen and hat items that need to be transferred to my new site and catagorised at that. Posts or pages? Tags or Cats?

So. Rest and recovery and then time to get a copy of the Cranach design put into a digital scale copy of how much fabric I have and then I can figure out where to cut what. I have a gorgeous saree made with metal yarns I am so tempted to overdye black to see what I can make from that. I should be able to just use the Procion, I am not sure if it is rayon or silk. I can do a test with a bit of bleach as silk will disintegrate within minutes.

If it works it may wind up the better choice with the velveteen.

And I need to wash all that fabric. Might start with the velveteen. Then calico. Then wool. I’ll have figured out how much wool I need by then I think.

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