garment cutting for workshops

I promised a list of the books on garment cutting brought in already for the workshops Auckland Libraries​ (Waitakere Central Library Henderson​)
These are some of my favourites

Guide to dressmaking
by J. Henry Symonds, , 1876
(full illustratiosn for stitches and trimmings)

The science and geometry of dress
by Mrs. Louisa L. Jackson, 1876

Ladies’ cutting made easy
Thomas Hiram Holding,1885
(lots of variations on dresses very clear illustrations, diagrams take a bit of care)

A Concise Treatise on Ladies and Misses’ Tight-fitting Garments:
by M. Kaempfer, 1886 (Moschcowitz Brothers)
(This is mostly of the Princess Dress style- this iwll be covered in the bodice workshop as they rely on a good bodice foundation)

Directions for cutting garments with the Davis improved square
by Myra A. Davis, 1888

The national garment cutter book of diagrams.
by Goldsberry & Doran, 1888
(Chock full of very easy to follow diagrams- these look modern!)

Instruction on Leola M. Head’s self teaching system of cutting ..
by Leola M. Head, 1889

Instruction book of Bisbee’s American tailor system of dress cutting
by F.S. Bisbee,1895

Casneau’s guide for artistic dress cutting and making
by Mrs. Alice A. Casneau, 1895
Very long book with photogravure polates of the garment in progress. It makes it very simple to understand the various engraved diagrams.)

The Kintzel dress cutting system, 1896
by A. G. Kintzel,1896

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