ssd and win 10 woes

I’ve always had an issue on my comp that Win 10 will not boot. Turns out this is very common, and specifically to my mix of motherboard, ssd, and win 10.

Essentially win 10 considers the ssd to be corrupt. So it really is not trusting its own source…

In the past just leaving the bios open for a few hours has worked but not this time.

The motherboard can see it- recognises when I change connections. It’s Windows. And it may well be when it updates.

Anyway. So I now am at my tiny netbook with the hyper sensitive touchpad that is also shiny so kind of is at time not at all sensitive.

I have to remove Win 10 from this as basically it updated using other computers in the network and it simply is too big to even run. Let alone try to explore.

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