learning so much about ssds

Also windows. So I was really worried about installing windows on a new ssd in case I had to use my 8 disc and then have to update… but it turns out Windows 10 stores information about your hardware so you can change your harddrive and keep your current version of Win 10 so.. yay? Downloaded the iso already just waiting to afford the ssd.

But it does look like I have an error that power cycling can’t fix so I do have to get a new harddrive and you know, install the O/S.

On the other hand I should be getting my Marie Antoinette lace asap. Youshop charges by volumetric weight not actual weight- my lace is 1.5kg! So… 2 and a half pounds. Lighter than Elsa as it is lace not a solid sheet 🙂


After this run of bad luck I’m trying to not get too excited (rib, then virus, hen antibiotics, and all the resewing of projects this year, and the ssd failure.)


So if anyone is reading this and hasn’t “liked” my page please help by taking some of this excess of stash off my hands. I’ll put it on ebay and local auction sites soon.

I can guarantee you will not find the lace for cheaper, the taffeta is half he price I paid and there are no sales here in NZ that get that low.


(oh learning about partition typoes, about ahci, about the lifespan of an ssd which is finite and potentially will just stop- given how much I played my game on it and how many times I moved libraries of files… and that it is five years old I want a new ssd rather than risk losing the data on it.)

Also am typing on my netbook which is now linux Mint powred, with my usb keyboard and mouse and monitor so it feels like normal. I can cope for a short while until I get the new ssd. Luckily the stuff for my workshops are all on my site or newly thought of and written down.

So it may be time to warm up and then sew some more of my Cleves gown. I keep avoiding trying to create a document on my netbook because I expect it to overload- but it’s not actually doing too badly 🙂

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