I have one of the only, if not the only plugin capable of reblogging instagram posts. But It doesn’t actually automatically do so and I have to set it to pending/draft then edit to “published” because otherwise it just shows the code- my guess is the post publishes faster than WP can add the media and process the information

But at least I know this.

I’m just tired. So deeply tired that I can’t do anything except maybe every two days and so when I have to spend one of those days doing housekeeping type stuff that is a half week gone.


The worst part is it’s not really fixable from my end. I have tried electrolytes, I have tried more protein more veges ( Vit C, plus iron, plus Folic acid plus B12 all hopefully working together.)


But nothing is helping- this might be the new schedule for my body. The optimisim I felt earlier this year is fading fast. It really is.

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