phantom costumes long overdue

I kept trying to find inspiration for making an Aussie version of the Rooftop dress, but I keep finding myself coming back to this:

(full file is 6M)

And a few tiny images of the German versions where the underskirt ruffles are gradient dyed/knitted and so create a wonderful play on light. It looks like the lace is more ruffled than it is. I don’t really have any of my own scans of that though.

And the wedding dress.

These are both from the UK c2000. The wedding dress especially is so classic in shape and details but more era specific with the beading. I made my overhaul to have that kind of decoration so I am desperately trying to get my old little discs to work. I think I need  a better drive though. Even in compatibility mode the drive doesn’t read the discs. But I know there is a treasure trove on them.

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