rock the frock

era: 1870s

Material: silk satin, cotton, baleen

found: possibly ebay 2012

This corset is exactly what I need 🙂 I am truly sorry for not reverse image searching but this corset is so perfect I just want to share it!

And this photo is exactly why I love it!

I am pretty narrow for the Victorian shape, I need very straight up and down support everywhere except my hips and bust. This photo? Wow, it’s flat. I mean flat. This flat profile around the torso with room for hips and bust is exactly what I need to be comfortable and still achieve one of the ideal shapes for the eras I love. Yes, you can often find a range of ideal shapes for any given era with a bit of time to go through all the resources out there.


The only aspect of this corset I want to change, as I have already recreated a similar set- is to move the shaping at the frome of the hip (ie over the belly) to the side hip. This is just much more comfortable for me and keeps my hourglass shape that tends to be pushed towards the front in corsets of this era. I’s also avoid boning over the side of the hips as these would be inclined to cause the stays to stick out at the hip not mold around.

And the final image shows the construction is in keeping with the Der Bazar corsets (found in my Antique Fashion sections.)

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