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I really hope the executives who are in charge of Masterchef Australia continue to let it be the incredibly positive bright spot it is. I have watched since the beginning and am so very happy to find people in recent years have come to love it as much as I do.


So, I recently had to start eating fish and chicken (and allowing other meat products when appropriate) after being vegetarian for decades.

It was a huge decision but one made for health. But it was still not an easy decision- regardless of what my logical brain was telling me. That is still decades of a belief in how I should live (not how I think everyone should live) to deal with.


Last year I was alone for a couple of weeks, and something happened to turn the stress levels right up. In context, and with family support, it probably would have been something for me to use tea sipping icons over while formulating a response But it really came out of nowhere. And because I was not able to understand why or how it was relevant to what was going on, it really got to me. For me to make even a hint of a similar comment would have come from a very dark place, and it’s not really a place I want to visit, for anyone.

Nothing quite like both trying to justify why such a brutal comment would be made at all let alone meant and believed, and trying to at the same time try to fight the impulse to believe it. I’m not extremely patient, and sure have had frustrations spill over, but even so I could never think of saying such a thing. I spent a decade constantly ramping up the positivity and making people feel special not because that’s what I should do but because I believe it deep in my core that we celebrate each others achievements. We all win when we recognise the work of others- because it means we all have an understanding of what makes our work excellent. And to keep striving for it.

So with no support and my health declining anyway, food not only stopped being interesting it was painful to eat and made me feel ill.


So forward to being able to catch up with some Masterchef Australia.




Respect, positivity, and camaraderie. And good food. Food that literally inspired me back into caring for myself and wanting to share what I created, again. And so was able to start sharing the joy in celebrating others.


But more than that, its popular. People want to watch this show, this relentlessly focused and positive show. People want to see the challenges put to the participants but more than that they want everyone to win, to do well.


I really hope this continues, I really do. We all need good examples of what it means to compete and to be a good competitor and what it means to respectfully solicit the best from others.



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