cleve gown update

There is a Medieval Faire here in less than a month and as it’s summer and on park grounds I’d really like to make something I can wear. So that means a round gown!

But my wool and linen gowns both have a slight train, and my Braunchweig is red silk. My Cleves velvet is a long term rebuild, though it will be this year, so I am making a new frock!

I’ll be breaking out the black silk for this! The rest of the silk will be used to make a new Heuke! Much as I want a Mantua and as good as this would be for that I can’t help but really want my pale blue taffeta to sing, and a mantua will do that more than any other era. Except tone on tone 1870s but I can’t invest in much more hand sewing 🙂

So to this end I am also restoring other elements of my ensemble, underlayers and headgear! It took all day to fill in a little more of the pearl work on the front of my stickelsche, and then there will be bezants and paillettes to cover the rest 🙂

Hmm if I have enough silk there could be two frocks, but that may be a bit greedy. Gown and heuke.

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