post day of sewing

I am knackered. But had insomnia so resorted my current/long term projects . Then had two hours sleep. My coordination right now is terrible so my typing is taking time!

ANyway, I am very proud of my princess petticoat 🙂 It fits the way I want it to and it comes very close to the 1878 day dress from Snowshill manner in patterns of fashion.

The only dart I am missing may be due to needing to widen the CB panels to  get the barely there look.

Oh yes, that is Mon Mothma (to be passed on to someone no more than 52″ at the shoulder because she shrank. I have new material just need new dye remover.

This is going to be made into a walking ensemble!!!

Both of these have the tiny herringbone weave of a coutil so hooray!


The pale blue stripe though is inspired by a Whitaker’s Auction.

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