swtor, knights of the eternal throne, 2

Invested in the story we continue to find people willing to help, and of course figure out their intents. But this stage as Commander you find people both wanting to take you down or use you to their ends.

My toon and I share the same side eye look a lot.

Chapter 2: Run For The Shadows

Oh my gosh! I have a level 65ish Sith Inquisitor and much of this story reminded me of parts of hers.

Darth Acina is a joy. I have completely become a fan of hers.

Dialogue in the upper corner perfectly encapsulates her dry humour, and being pretty real.

And again. This may count as flattery and my girl does not like flattery. So you can probably imagine what she thinks of all the lovely things Valkorion has to say about her suitability for the throne…

But this made me grin for real. The positive aspect of the Sith Code. The code itself doesn’t really say you have to destroy your enemies but it does imply it.

Peace is a lie there is only Passion (passion=/=anger necessarily!)

Through passion I gain strength (strength of resolve?)

Through strength I gain power (self determination?)

Through power I gain victories (personal victories?)

Through victories my chains are broken (ahhhh…. freedom. Of thought, of autonomy. The freedom to choose dark or light.)

Anyway. When I say I know the Sith Code well it’s this path of thinking 🙂


There isn’t much different in this chapter in terms of gameplay, it feels very nostalgic and so I think the gameplay may reflect that. We are talking Empire vs Republic here so yes, it feels very much like a tribute but also reminder of what the alliance really means.

We are asked by the new Empress of the Sith wanting to join the alliance. One of her Ministers insists of reminding everyone he is indeed a Minister and it can be fun to provoke him into repeating this.


The political intrigue was fun, pretty obvious what was happening if you pay attention. Soon after this meeting you and the Empress wind up stranded in a storm in the wilds of Dromund Kaas and assumed dead. AT least that’s what the reinstalled Republic Chanceller, Saresh, would have everyone believe.

Here we have the classic film foreshadowing (Saresh trying to convince the alliance to listen to her and suddenly your companions face troops from the opposite faction?)

I hear you Lana.

More dialogue where this nostalgia is front and center.


Speaking of probable foreshadowing….


The end is very satisfying. Just as Saresh is making her big speech and powerplay on Odessan, you walk through the crowds. …


Again, the facials and the timing make this scene a great payoff.

I don’t choose the light choices because they are easy. But this scene is all about how you will be seen by the alliance. You are in public, you can be seen as someone who uses fear or inspiration to lead.


I loved this chapter, it will definitely be on my replay list! There were puzzles and traps but I felt I had enough resources and options to make the gameplay work for my health issues.



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