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Chicken walker funtimes.

I will be spoilering, but also talking about the new game play and how it affects my ability to play. I love challenges. But there are some things that are very muchĀ can in effect be locked out or create a different kind of tension than the rush of tackling a challenge šŸ™‚

Chapter 1: Wrath and RuinĀ 


(link to another spoonie gamer blog, similiar issues, similar solutions!)

First up, the story was amazing,Ā sad, but Ā built on that long term play and so that connection to Voss and the people and what was happening in real time in the story. I was invested from the start.

We arrive on Voss to see it burning.

You start with limited abilities, as was the case with KotFE, but the actual difficulty of this area is scaled well in story mode to have a fairly short run through. This also is a chance to check how your UI matches up with intended rotations. I have my UI so I have the best view of the area including spotting mobs- the minimap does show them butĀ this helps with immersion.


Okay so I wasn’t paying full attention so the remote mines, which are named mines, got me once. I do choose toĀ scale my UI down so as to view everything so that is on me. They are on the map and they do have nameplates. The area is also relatively free of obstructions which makes running around to target them possible. My fingers make this kind of zipping around difficult, so I appreciate when the environment doesn’t get in the way!


At this point if you haven’t already been aware, the Voss we knew is in the middle of being destroyed. The planet. So

Right in the feels.

Board the Storm Rider
Reach the Shrine of Healing
Defeat the Zakuul Walker

“No. Pilgrimage path is the only way.”

This was the first point where I had difficulty. Well that makes it seem like a purely skill issue. But a hint, the above is technically true but you can avoid some mobs by getting creative with your path. Not all but some. The trick there is of course some mobs may be scattered in ways that make it harder to gather them all with your new ability.


In this part of the mission you operate a walker and you have limited abilities. No healing- and the repair stations are in regions where mobs can still target you. Once you take damage it stays. You can be targeted while in the repair stations also.


When defeated you go back to the start area. Fortunately the mobs you did defeat don’t appear to reappear, and over time you can clear the map. I am not sure how long you can be AFK to rest hands, I know in KotFE there were times I was sent a heck of a long way back in a map. So it’s not something I want to test while playing.

The area is not very large so this repeat play was at least possible to work around. It took a bit of extra time, was frustrating but I had a reasonable idea of the time that could be involved and was able to balance my time playing vs time away from the keyboard.


Unfortunately a lot of my physical barriersĀ mimic a lack of skills- if I click quickly I wind up causing inflammation in my hands, so I prefer ranged classes that I can learn over time, so I can avoid clicking too often in a short amount of time. Most story and world missions in the past have relied on those class skills.

As per my previous blog (tags health, swtor, gaming) I already adjust my physical environment where I can.



From here it’s mostly normal gameplay, some “click this to get that”, some mobs, some bosses- most rfely on skills you have already established as a player in your class or general.


Though the story did get very intense. At this point I was spoiler free and was just hoping and hoping and hoping …. I did a little spoiler hunting to see if there was a possibility of what I hoped would happen.

And Valkorion is still messing with your head.

By using the truth.

And SCORPIO seems to be doing something I suspected. I knew she was not Vaylin’s lackey and that she was following her own story. What I did appreciate is how important her story is. Any feelings of being betrayed pale when you realise what she is trying to do.

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