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I have managed to update my site this week to the point I feel reasonably happy leaving it alone for a few days.

The portfolio aspect is in place, and I now have a better means of adding photographic progress.

I have though totally depleted my health resources recently with the sculpting-a-thon. It was only a few days but I may be feeling the effects for a few months.

I just peeled myself from the floor to type so I think I do need another day of sleep.

The spoon analogy is less useful, this is more like malware, on a pre-pay plan. I am really good at balancing my budget but this is unpredictable and even though I am being very careful and monitoring regularly sometimes it just defies all predictions. Not only does it do harm but it takes up valuable resources needed elsewhere. It actively does harm and it prevents useful apps from running properly.

And the cost of going over those limits is exponentially worse than on a normal plan. On a plan that allows for more data than you can ever use you may not even notice. But on pre-pay you have to plan and count for every single scrap. But you can’t switch plans now because you can’t afford to.

That is what a long term disease is like. Malware. And like malware everyone assumes you have to be involved in dangerous habits to get it. Nope.

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