website and costume updates

I have been reuploading older content to my site 🙂 So now if you o to the menu above you’ll find costume genres rather than a full list of all costumes. This just makes it tidier.

In order to get those pages up I had to take my full sized photos and edit them all over again for modern devices. In the past I had to have small files for storage and bandwidth issues, but also for simply image editing! I don’t like using PS on my costumes but I have been able to rescue many unused photos by playing with image temp and saturation and new editing options mean that goes a lot faster!

The exceptions so far have been costumes from before my first digital camera.! I need to get those photos and digitise them 🙂


As far as costume progress is concerned I have demolded my Draenei horns!

The molds are a little brittle. This is fine, and what I can do is use them twice to get a working latex pair and then a pair of urethane semi rigid horns I can then back fill and tidy ready for 3D scanning and also better mold making 🙂 I also found a small pocket of air but luckily I know exactly how to fix that 🙂

I also found exactly what I was looking for in regard to hoofy base options. It comes under things like using AA paint on the body or contact lenses- I’m waiting until I can test their safety before talking about them!

Duty of care and all that!


I have to admit I am really wearing out physically to be making complex curved molds any more.

But I have Maleficent and Ahsoka molds to go.

So today I’ll clean the last of the clay out of the molds, get Maleficent properly sewn up and my Cleves gown.

And write up a few workshop proposals tonight 🙂

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