Draenei horns ready to mold

So I thought I’d share how I matched one side to the other 🙂

After tidying up the proportions I started to transfer the lines by using a divider (scribe compass.) I did this along the top section on the inside as well as the outside.

sm_DSC_0405 sm_DSC_0406

After that I used the needle point picker from my sculpting tool set. I pressed the long end across the clay to start and then matched to that line from each side.

sm_DSC_0407 sm_DSC_0408

sm_DSC_0409 sm_DSC_0410


And then I did a crazy thing. I took a paint scraper and pressed it in to the clay by a few mm using the edges to line up smoothly and precisely.

sm_DSC_0412 sm_DSC_0418 sm_DSC_0419

This deep but narrow line was then beveled with a silicone tool



This was imperfect so I spent some time buffing the surface with a cloth in one direction.

sm_DSC_0396 sm_DSC_0398


After this I used a large smooth bristled paintbrush dipped in vaseline to further smooth.



Now that I have set in for the night I can see the last bit of evening up I need to do!


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