I’m a tad tired today but got very enthused for a game costume project and realised I have more than enough wide PVC pipe- and pvc cement to make some really durable but flexible gear 🙂 It’s the really thin downpipe stuff and all off cuts- in theory should be easy to heat shape in to what I want. So I may just spent some time with my heatgun and all the pipe. Wings as well? I think I may just try and get wings patterns and ready for support 🙂 I’ve been super slowly collecting materials for this, and will have to make all joins super light and flexible too, I am afraid of metal screws slicing through the plastic. But I do also have small blocks of thick sintra so that is a potential support for hinges that I know I want!

This sudden enthusiasm has not sprung out of nowhere 🙂 I just coloured my hair and brows, and lashes, so can actually see myself again! It’s bad enough being shortsighted but being all sort of one blurry pinky vaguely human shape in the mirror was starting to affect how I think! Now I can see where my eyes are. This is something.

While tidying my folders for better images, I also came across some old school game art and just.. want to make all the things.

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