Hidden gems locally

I decided to head out today for a bit of exercise, and may have overdone things a bit but it was a nice day :0

Moreland Fabrics has some really really really nice woollens at the moment, good weight, good colours for the SCA crowd. I just got pins and twill tape for my Cleves gown 🙂

I admit I went with the aim of hunting out some fabric for a game costume I have wanted to make fore years.

Didn’t find it, but I did score 10m of hot pink midweight crepe at the Hospice Shop in Totara Ave instead. So I can at least pattern or use it for other purposes. It’s close, but not close enough. Easily dyed with idye-Poly but it’s just a bit floaty for what I need.

I also picked up more pink buckets for easy storage. These are square shaped and fit most shelves really easily.