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So I do love my Reinette gown, and I have always wanted to make a Countess gown a la Phantom of the Opera (stage versions, mix of of Aussie and German versions, again, and with a touch of a mid 90s style- with heavily textured fabric.) And I would dearly love to finally make the shot blue taffeta francaise with smocked robings a la the Kyoto gown.

So I think tomorrow will see me sorting fabrics for support layers and for making a few variations on the theme.

I have a pet peeve about how social media has a terrible time of properly sourcing, so I have been reverse image searching to find original articles and getting my pinterest boards organised. But just wanted to share this epic set of panniers:

I know there was a heck of a lot of research for the 1938 film, there are a few copies of the promotional booklet out there, but finding info on the understructure is hard. There is one image of Anita (I think) having her hem checked and you can see the lining and hem facing of the skirt and the rows of tucks an ruffles on a petticoat. I also for some reason have an image in my head of an interview and the hoops looking like they are wide like lumber strapping- but I have a habit of watching videos late at night and dreaming very vividly, so it may have been a dream.

So I have a few books on order through the library. I hope the new catalogue system is working :)

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