Adding to my victorian colletion

Oh! I bought an 1870s bodice! Totally confirms my feelings on modern reproductions. The silk shell is not much heavier than the damask of my 1890s bodice. The lining in both cases are fine but loose weave- so imagine a loose weave sheet weight twill but pressed, I mean pressed in to shape. The 1890s one was striped and this one was coppery brown.
But it had all the hooks and eyes. Yes, brass hooks that are hammered and the eyes are lovely and round.
And the top-stitching of each dart… but over all it’s incredibly light. And while this is baleen era, my 1890s bones were metal that is super light and flexible. I should do a video on that!
So both bodices will go on my pretty mannequin for photos. And I will get patterns. Oh they just both deserve to be part of the wider historical community to add to construction details. 
And for me I got some Lucite heels- hand carved details :)

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