Day of graphic editing

So I am really tired! But I have scales/spines tested and graphed up. Good news is I need only 60% of the fusible buckrum I have :) So heaps left for extreme makeover of a few projects including Regina and Maleficent collars :) And hats :)

So there are those.

And I have finally, finally got the majority of my Elsa cape plotted and good sized and clear snowflakes put in! Now that was mindbending, especially trying to make matching sections in a quarter circle and quarter oval shape.. fneh!

But with that all done today I’ll be able to actually start printing a few pages a day and cutting a few pages a day as well :)

This was though sparked by being determined to figure out why the printer stopped working (it’s wifi and I couldn’t send a scan to file.) Turns out the date and time were off (by a few months) so while the router was saying “hello, bonjour” every other device was saying ‘nope I don’t see you , you could be habouring malicious software, I don’t know but you could!” Then with everything refreshed I can can now print from anywhere in the house to A3(!!!!!!!) and scan via my device if not the scanner itself- that may be due to me not wanting to install everything the CD wants me to…

Photo post asap!

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