I am such a horrible lj-er! I am trying to get back in to practice!

Current obsession has finally started to bear fruit. As can be seen (for posterity-HAH- I'll add in a link to todays post) it has born rather large, pink, and pear shaped fruit.

I have been completely unsubtle about what it is, but as I have a month to make it I may wind up totally spilling the beans anyway while sharing progress. It's a huge investment in terms of materials. Luckily the bum and corset are from stash (hooray!) which gives me a frame to build on.

But I have 10m (more than 10 yards) of double fusible buckram to cut 400+ spine/scales from and then cover with another 20m or so of shot tafetta (shades of purple and green mainly) and overlock/serge in fluoro green thread. I also need to make a huge frame to mount them to….

But I'll eventually get to wander around and have the most ridiculous fun ever! Fabulous good times even. Blissfully delicious.

Final hint, characters name ends with the last two letters as Elsa, which I am also trying to finish. Hah!

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