Costume/cosplay meme :)

I did this on tumblr I believe a few years back, but why not update!!!! Keeping both terms in because I've always had a love of theatrical costume and that is the ultimate form of "cosplay" for me as a performer ๐Ÿ™‚

2. How many costumes have you done?

I have no clue. Too many. And I forget the costumes I have made over the years as favours but going by my list here:
More than 120.

They vary from simple pieces to things like Neimhaille my Turian which was full leather armour, an extremely Biowared bodysuit (seams, seams seams seams) and full head prosthetics. And 50" sniper rifle. And 6 part creature mask- articulated. Completely custom made and super comfy.

Sorry, this is just a sample from the last decade, redos when they are more than 50% remade are included.

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