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(Photo by James Bennet for Arkham City Comics – Auckland.)

neimhaille___catwoman_2_by_static_sidhe neimhaille___catwoman_by_static_sidhe

(Photos by Sylvie Kirkman of Little Noise Photography, shared on deviant Art))

Status: Wearable

Year finished: 2009

To Do: remake the cowl, again

Updates since last photo: n/a

Inspiration: Catwoman from Batman Returns

I completely recreated the costume from 4 way stretch PVC from MJ Trend. The fabric was chosen as it is permanently shiny and stable. The origianl costume was made out of latex (sheet and molded) which requires regular oiling to make it glossy and does break down quite quickly over time. It also has a smell I personally find unpleasant.
The bodysuit has some creative piecing and seaming to allow it to fit and still give a good full range of movement. The fabric is also supportive and very comfortable to wear.
The stitches were again sewn directly into the fabric with crochet yarn.
The cowl/mask is created from molded felt and covered in a patchwork of the same PVC as the bodysuit.
The corset is built with steel and plastic boning and was created from a pattern I developed for my first costume.
The gloves were patterned to my hands and sewn from the same PVC fabric.
The boots and whip were bought from Cosworx and TradeMe respectively.