by michaela de bruce, September 12, 2014

My brunchcoat is still scaring the wildlife (cheeky bird anyway- the blackbird that has discovered the places where cat biscuits will be found) but not the ducks who see the merest hint of a human form and they waddle across the driveway.

I still have a dry nose (it feels scabby, niiice) and sore throat but now I have added sore wrists. Potentially due to the distracted immune system. So it means no sewing of the velvet sack. And it is a sack. It totally relies on the interior stay tapes, weight, drape, and body underneath.

Very happy to say it does mostly taper to the hem but with the flared back and centre front. It’ll be better once hemmed- at the moment the side fronts hang on the bias so pool on the ground and drag, which pulls the hem out.

I want to do a separate hem for the lining and shell. I know the train has a band of leather/leather look but I have no idea if that will work long term.

Feeling totally not at all glam, so no photos of the test fit today 🙂 The arm openings need steaming to help the lining and shell sit away from each other. Not something I want to do with a kettle or even iron. I may have to invest in a hand held steamer. I mean it would be nice for the Mina gown as well…

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