by michaela de bruce, August 10, 2014

My blog yesterday sort of didn’t tackle the reasons why I have had to make some major decisions. I think it’s pretty obvious when you click the health tag 🙂

Possibly best to make the list after actually looking at what I have!

So I’m going to stack a few costumes in to containers before coming back to this post 🙂

Right. Well that was a few hours ago and I have not actually gotten a list.


However I do have more fabric for the kitties and I also have more stuff to sell on. Luckily very little in the way of needing to be finished.

So… what order, shall I try to put a table in here? Darn no easy way to do so soo….



This year:

Maleficent: horns; tabbard; action onsie; prosthetics; wings


Frozen: Elsa Ice Queen, I have finally got a way to for sure match the sheen and tones from skirt to bodice, and just need to save for my clever idea for the cape

Dracula: repair Mina; finish Lucy

Doctor Who: finish Silurian sculpt

Star Wars: Mon Mothma, finish jewelry and foundation skirt


Next year & beyond:

Maleficent: christening gown (in that order, so I have something to wear no matter what :)- Gown definitely post October); Moors robes also well in to the new year; Coronation gown also next year.

Phantom of the Opera: Think of Me ensemble- new skirt ropes, new dressing gown, put it all together!; Wedding Gown (using my current stock of vintage fabrics to get them made in to something!)

Moulin Rouge: Pink Diamonds, just the bodice at this stage; Hindi Wedding

Star Wars: Darth Talon new bikini upper; Shaak Ti…. everything; IC figure out how to turn current test jumpsuit into more appropriate shape, other crew gear- OC so just playing about with silver and black; Darth Phobos because she is totally madly fabulous.




Finish sheer partlet of never ending doom!

Reline black spanish skirt, trim (not sure with what)

Decide what to do with white spanish disaster

Decide what to do with pieces of Cologne dance dress (possibly use silk as lining to the old red velvet and use the black silk satin.


Late Historic:

Blue taffeta, make the 1870-71 convertable dress as planned.

Sheer natural form gown; I have cotton net and lots of rayon trim it’s time.

Striped 1906 day dress- tidy and put permanent fastening in



Stuff to decide on:

Fabrics galore (silver twill, beaded chiffon mainly, leather pieces)

Cersei style crimson gown, still have the leather corset pieces marked

Mystique old school dress needs ties, boots, gloves, belt, wig

Dawn white dress, needs corset, collar, rose

Fur coat- perfect size to like big ass Cologne sleeves but I can’t. I have some salvaged fur but this is too much

Fur shawls- again, salvaged but I can’t use them, it’s my line and I don’t judge. I just feel suffocated by the tanning process.

Black and white Victorian, to finish for Ange’s birthday pressie


And some finished costume I may think about selling.

It’s a bit hard and I may not. I’m thinking of doing a costume exhibit at some point and it’d be nice to have a full variety of the above and already finished pieces 🙂

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