by michaela de bruce, August 9, 2014

I had a long convoluted blog to post but my manipulation of English is not half as good as what has already been said:

What distinguishes the couture garment from a ready-to-wear piece is the handwork functioning not as luxe augmentation, but as a capability intrinsic to the garment.

Sums up far better why I do stick with my byline. I am not interested is ostentation for the sake of it. I love looking at the tiny, tiny, half mm stitches of vintage garments. Not just because it is aesthetically pleasing but because I know how difficult it is to alter a line of stitches made that way, which means there has to be absolute commitment to the work. You can’t just seam rip, you are as likely to rip your fabric. If not more.


So some of the costume list of this blog post title is buried in several pdfs I’ll try and share over the next few weeks. There is a goldmine of archived tailoring and dressmaking manuals out there, full of techniques half lost. There will be a bias towards construction because it has been so undervalued by the public and by academia alike.

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