by michaela de bruce, July 24, 2014

As yesterday was an adventure and fun but it was definitely not part of the plan for the week and so after two hours of verticality today there may be some napping going on again.

The day started with an early morning blood collection. Six vials so out came the big gauge needle. And I had to check my name and date of birth on each, which is not normally an issue except early morning are crappy and are the reason behind the need for all that blood.

Then I went to the CBD and saw Maleficent at the theatre to catch a few last costume details. It was too dark to see them, and my screen caps of the hi res trailers probbaly already gave me as much info as can be got right now. I did manage to catch one moment where the tabbard clearly separates in the castle to a cloak and robe so that has at least settled the “changed for the chase scene?” query I had. nope. I’ts just a super special cut and special method of folding so as to make the edge of the cloak hidden when not moving or not moving much.

Caught up with V (cosplay, not SCA) and we went to T2 where I managed to probably have a full banana tea latte for free before buying the stuff and now I have had four mugs at home and the whole house smells of ‘nanas. The tea is called Banana Bake so it has a few other flavours and it really works with milk and honey.

Then I was going to catch the bus home but realised The Fabric STore probably had a sale going on seeing as I missed the VIP days so on a free bus to the top of Queen St and a short walk past more roadworks and I was there.

I found the rolls of velvet. Three of the black were very definitely panne (flat pile, not crushed, not velour, just with a very distinct direction) so that was no. I think they were excluded from the sale anyway. So I did finally fine a roll that looked like it had about 10m and there was and it was $2/m cheaper and there was another meter that was too crshed to sell and it was not one of the velvets excluded! So hooray 🙂 Tabbard fabric has been got 🙂

Today is beautiful but not looking like I’ll get much done. Still not being really easily able to balance everything but I’m not feeling so depressed about it now. It’s yet another set back and literally so- pain and fatigue have already ruled out ever being in the theatre again and now this on top is putting a lot of other activities on the “wait and see” list. I may do well switching from prednisone to hydrocortisone so as to not have peaks and troughs of the stuff.

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