Maleficent Preparation!

Maleficent Preparation!

I’m vertical for a little bit. Also managed to trick youtube into letting my upload a 46min video! Woohoo!

Also my point in this video is don’t let anyone tell you what characters you should do because of what you look like. Most people can’t seem to see beyond basics and that’s just limiting. Have fun whether you try to look like the character or not. This make up is the opposite of what I do for Regina which is another character people wouldn’t immediately think of for me but which works very well indeed.


So this is me starting from the more interesting part- the highlights and contours.

To get to this point my eyebrows were plucked and eyebrows and lashes coloured (go pastypastry!) and then the lenses put in and my eyelashes glued down.

The eyelashes are simple dollar store goodies and I may just grab a collection of them having now worked out how to make them work. Clip to size and glue the lid then the lash as if using contact cement!

I have a quiet voice so hopefully the video while long is not too droning but I did it to show how you really do want a nice calm time to zone in and chill while making a face that is not your own. I can do some editing to do a before and after comparison.


But also, man I wish other people could get photos like this of me. You can see I have cheekbones and my mouth is not all pinched. It’s even at the world’s worst selfie angle (under the nose) and lookit! Anyway. It’s just making me really determined to see what my lens can do….

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