Yeah, it’s something I forgot to bump up for a few days and it was not a clever move.

Crafting buddy day tomorrow 🙂 I will be test driving some foam patterns.

Anyway. I’ve also been wanting a comfy alternative to full bodysuits and I think I found an option. I only have a few days to test the theory out but I should have a super comfy costume option at the end of it 🙂 Also I can show some fast master, molding and casting to a friend who wants to learn 🙂 [cutiemarkcrusaders]Yay[/cutiemarkcrusaders]

Also hooray for having all my basic patterns in card as I was able to transfer some today. I’ll have to transfer the pattern again as it’ll help one fitting issue I always seem to muck up which is length of torso from waist over shoulder. That is all ready to zig zag into temporary shape as there are some annoying but cool pattern crossing that needs to be accounted for.


Currently charging my phone. Whoops.

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