Another sequin source :)

Sadly they don’t have an opaque aqua or subtle turquoise but look:

I hadn’t really understood the site the first time I visited so only saw the sequin waste but they do indeed have narrow sequin strips (83X5000mm) which are just wide enough to go through stamping and cutting machines and to be hand cut and have the backs sanded for grit etc.

So I have the pale blue on the way and I’m going to attempt to overdye the stuff. I have had sequins and pearls dye before, but I am not sure if the coating played a part. I think if I can just get a green tint to the laminated clear layer then I will be happy.

I’m also going to see if I can punch tiny tiny holes for sewing (my main issue with all the sequins I have found- rounded or square- has been the size of the holes) I will go ahead and sew the thing. But my concern is finding a punch that tiny that doesn’t tear.

This is where woven and non woven materials differ! In woven materials you want to push aside the fibres so when sewing or putting in eyelets you want to cut as few threads as possible. For me this means setting eyelets in corsets is a nightmare but they stay put forever and never wear out.

For plastic and latex etc you want a clear sharp cut through all layers and with no snags. A tear will tear forever so a cut needs to have a nice fully round hole punch out of the end.

I found this to be really true for my Shaak Ti tooth headdress. I used a heavy needle on my grunty sewing machine to carefully push a hole through for each tooth. But it has caused stress cracks that caused at least one or two to be lost during the process.

So I’m just waiting for the plastic to arrive before overdying anything else 🙂

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