Anyone indertest in 24kg of PET?

Just worked out what a “roll” of sequin material actually is.. it’s not quite as advertised! Not going by photos.. in otherwords do you know how ridiculously overengineered my Elsa gown will wind up being?

I am even looking at making my own sheeting from urethane. Yeah.. it’s a bit softer than I expected but it possibly could be screen printed… coo.. omg! yes, yes it could! But it would be flexible however my mind went immediately to Dame Vaako… that mesh is definitely screen printed in some way because you can see how the texture pattern has slid a bit…. Which you see a lot in screen printing.

Meanwhile I am also scoffing all the B12 and all the iron as yes. RA is to blame for the fatigue, again. And no we are not having injections as they didn’t actually raise my stores much last time. And I now have deep pits in my hips from them.

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