Hah! laundrey detergent back in the positive!

In other words I made my Elsa cape purple again. Luckily before I resorted to buying blue acrylic ink (as it does tint very well- though it needs to adhere and the risk of streaks is high when you use water and the risk of flame too great when using alcohol) I decided to use one kettle of not quite boiled water and more than a cup of laundry detergent.

So a small trek back… My poor white and silver Silly Spanish frock was ruined by the cat peeing and the laundry detergent staining. The cat pee washed out but as laundry detergent uses a bluing agent my fabric was ruined. I then soaked the whole shebang in detergent and it mostly worked. But I still had to remove the trim. All 3kg of it so far (about 6 1/2 pounds).

You can see the bluing agent as grain like nodules in the powder- you can buy without but this is more common here. The detergent I used on the Silly Spanish frock was only a warm blue. This current detergent? It’s a mix of cool blue and green. Yes green.


Anyway. So having turned my fabric purple (again) I decided to at least try a super concentrated wash. The water and powder mix was a lovely china blue. Once I put the fabric in it went purple. Which means excess dye is coming out. And now. Well in the green bucket it reads as electric blue. So this is good as it will be worn next to cool blue so if it doesn’t read as purple against very definitely green I am already winning.

So photos of the progress soon. At the moment it’s a bucket full of suds with a wee bitty of fabric poking through.

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