More colour theory

As Frozen really used a lot of it (especially in regards to the ice).

Please note Warm blue is towards the red and cool towards the yellow. I lot of people get this back to front but yes, a green toned blue is cooler than a “true” blue!

It’s a bit of a human construct but it is how a lot of pigments are made. I used to use Chromacryl and if you mixed a cool blue and warm yellow you got a really muddy green. I need a pack anyway so I may just see if I can get some samples prepped.

Anyway, Elsa’s cape is warm toned. It is however very very sheer so that it really only shows as a shadow. Ufortunately all my dyeing has lead to a much much much too dark blue. It would be perfect if it was a bridal tulle. Very difficult to get. Also I had to go darker because my dye bath apparently dyed unevenly.

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