My stunt corset..

It was supposed to be a rough job and need lots of fitting but I forgot the corset I took the pattern from (my unfinished Mina one) was actually well developed to begin with. So not much fitting but a little finetuning and definitely can be taken in at the waist and lower hip. But it works from over the bust to a long line with chopping off the top or bottom and tweaking the boning. But seriously it works. I’m so happy.

Still not really up to much but with the pattern working it means I am more interested in getting the support layers done. 🙂

Oh it is still a rough job 😉 It’s got lines drawn all over but I have the waist marks well defined and now I can make the small changes and then even all the seam allowances.

It’s also mint green-ish so looks very institutional.

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