Just missed time to call my gp for an appt

So the last blood test showed a raised White Blood Cell (WBC) count, which is not odd in an auto immune disorder after all there is lots of stuff available to send those cells to. But not when you are on therapy to knock some out and my specialist suggested it was a virus.

So that was last week. This week I have had the same headache and fatigue. Which means if it is a virus it keeps coming back. So I’ll have to suck it up and make a booking.

I did though at least pin all my ruffles to my Elissa underskirt and start sewing all the seam of my new test corset (over bust with gores and long hip line. I may see if I can pick up some more drill sometime to do other patterns.

I have used gored hip patterns before but they do no work with my tiny waist and very narrow gap between ribs and hip- everything collapses in to that gap when there are any horizontal seams there. As I may have said the only person I would trust to make me a corset is Mr Pearl and with 20+ fittings that is not possible. Also I am a no boby so that really ain’t happening 😉

So I’m going to have to munch through a few yards of drill and hundreds of meters of thread to be able to do so. I’ll experiment with making a tube as well and pinching it in where needed as well as using some 1880s-1890s pattern bases.


But I have a whole lot of shinies on their way 🙂 One parcel from England and one from… I think the US. Now to find a friend to go in on an order for fabric 🙂

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