I don't know!!!

There is weird shenaigans in the blood dragon armour. There really is. You can see that the shoulder strap (under what looks like wide elastic and slide) turns in to the second collar, which goes under the outermost.. but at the back it turns in to a curvy two parter that sits over the outer collar pieces…

So It must be stepped to allow for that. So I’m really now totally turned around as to how to make it properly. I could fake t but I want to make sure I make this armour functional.

I’ve been putting off test stretching the leather I have because I did also have in mind something else to make from it. But I haven’ played the game it belongs to and I haven’t really researched it enough to get the in jokes enough. Also my SSD has failed again and seems to be refusing to unbreak. Usually I can power off over night and it’ll work again. Sigh.

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