Shock and awe- Bjornsen style (bling on bling action)

Three stages of jewels on the tabs.

Elissa skirt tests. The green looks better than the brocade.…

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These might be some of my favourite replica tabs ever. Amazing. 

Thank you 🙂 Though the photos do both more and less justice to them 😉 They don’t show the super sparkle it has but it also doesn’t show a lot of the uneveness 🙂 I’m kind of letting this costume organically grow how it wants to rather than trying to be any one thing. So I hope when finished that fans of the costumes from the show can pick out the influences (Aussie dance outfit and Hamburg bold contrast) but still have it not really be from any one show. Getting the velour was a big relief 🙂 The idea of cutting the ropes, not so much but the satisfaction of stretching them in to shape, yes. Like popping bubble wrap :

So thank you 🙂 I just want it out there I’m not aiming for perfection- the embroideries are hand done (well, machines guided by hand- pretty sure the same way the Aminta embroideries are one on Cornelly machines) so very very uneven and that does affect how the structure works as well to minimise the differences. 

After my nap I’ll start getting more stones on the rest of the tabs and see if I can get someone to set up the ironing board so I can iron Heat n Bond to stabilise the uncut trim 🙂

Also, still at about 80L of fabrics and trim. I’ll see if I can do a head count of stones as well. 

I may have to redo the bodice appliques. I’d like to use the same trims on them as on the skirt to tie the whole theme together a bit more. But that’s still on the fence 🙂

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