Debuted Talon in NZ to mixed results!

Well mainly because it wound up spur of the moment when I was really really really unwell and…

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It may have been a last minute decision but IT LOOKED AMAZING WOMAN

Thank you πŸ™‚ I was so tired after that I didn’t realise just what I felt but ultimately very glad I did do it πŸ™‚ Though I have every intention of wearing her again I need to plan in advance including have back ups of back ups with more backups and help. And I hate asking for help. Which may not be news…

I am currently reworking some of the tatts to rescale (some are a good 10% smaller than my drawings and some are the same size so there is difinitely a little more work to do.) And more care with the next set of scans. The new thigh pieces work and the new arm prints is a better size. And now I have also shifted some pieces around and am working on the new additional pieces (side belly and the upper side back chest loop). If I have room I may fit a few more smaller pieces elsewhere.

But meanwhile my sinuses are bad again. Sigh. It was a lovely 3 weeks without one. My RA’s design is to torment me with infections that recur in the same place for up to a year- chest infections, GI, skin, kidney…. and now sinuses. Only up side to this is it may not happen again ever once those memory cells are kicked in the butt a few times. Meanwhile relentless pain from everywhere- though it offers a little protection from activity in my larger joints so… yeah. this is my non-choice in the matter too πŸ˜‰

So Talon.. Aiming to wear her again in Auckland which means I need to carefully plan my time between now and then. Vastra is still on the cards but possibly for Melbourne instead. Ditto with Nyreen, but she may be for the contest. Cunning plan to make the mask work as a balaclava and velcroed face plates is being worked up. So glad I have all the materials for each in stash as it is a very tight few months ahead!

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